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Google Weaving Stop-time, commissioned by 4th Istanbul Design Biennial (2018). The biennial is curated by Jan Boelan under the theme “A School of Schools”.

(Illustration by Anna Ehrlemark)

Google Weaving Stop-time is a participatory project which has connected over twenty hand-weavers via Facebook. Collectively gathered around a shared assignment and through an encapsulated moment from a Google picture search, participants created tapestries based on the same search phrase “textile-labour-Turkey”.

Participants have created the works in their own studio settings with the shared goal to meet together in an exhibition. With the act of making something with one’s hands – in this case a tapestry - we make a way of connecting in this world.

The technique shared is the Scandinavian rya knot, also known as the ghiordes or Turkish knot - a knot that has been used for centuries in traditional textiles in both regions. Together with other flat-woven techniques such as kilim, pile-woven rugs appear as an essential part of regional culture in both Turkey and Sweden.

Google Weaving Stop-time presents the audience with a globally made installation where digital images are transformed into a physical and material Google search engine.

With contributions by: Aleksandra Tyszkowska (Poland) Andrea Pizarro (Spain) Arianna Funk (USA/Sweden) Begum Cana Özgur (Turkey) Betul Sertkaya (Turkey) “Dhoku” (Turkey) Emelie Röndahl (Sweden) Ezgi Aum (Turkey) Francesca Piñol Torrent (Spain/US) Heidi Pietarinen (Finland) Karine Makartichan (Armenia/USA) Lina Dornhof (Germany) Liron Shua (Israel) Lise Frølund (Denmark) Maja Petrovic (Serbia) Marguerite Roux (South Africa) Marta Sobczynska (Poland) Margaret Jones (UK) Mardi Nowak (Australia) Mortaza (Afghanistan/Sweden) Ragnheiður Björk Þórsdóttir (Iceland) Ritva Jääskeläinen (Finland) Steffy-Luise Dyer (UK) Sayumi Suzuki (Japan/Sweden) Susana Negre (Spain/Brazil) Sebnem Uguz (Turkey) Zorica Zafirovska (Macedonia)